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From: Chuck Adams (adams@ticnet.com)
Date: Sat Nov 28 1998 - 22:49:22 EST


OK, it's late and 17M is dead. :-)

We will have an introduction to SPICE and it's use with the Elmer200
series. This due to a lot of interest expressed to me via email
and personal conversations. I'll try my best to do a good job and
anyone who has more information, feel free to jump in. You have to
have some knowledge of electronics to use SPICE or PSpice. It is
just a tool and I'll show you how you can get into trouble with it
if you aren't careful. We'll reference all posts with Elmer205 in
the headings so those that want to do this can have a separate
thread to follow. Hopefully it'll help in all the bookkeeping.
Then I'd suggest a Elmer305 heading for the SPICE modeling for
Jim Kortge's 2N2222 rig for the Elmer300 series. It's just a
suggestion and subject to change by Jim et.al......

Here is a list of SPICE books that I have in my library. This is not a
list that suggests a specific book for you, just a list of the books
that I know about. I use them all, each has something that the others
do not. I am not an expert on this topic. Most likely Jim Kortge, Dave
Fifield, or Glen, VE3DNL, will have more info on the topic.

Some of these critters are out of print. I found a lot at University
Book stores on sale and at used book stores in the technical section.
I am a firm believer that like chocolate, you can't have enough books.
I'm sure that www.barnesandnoble.com and www.amazon.com may have some
of the books in stock or can special order some at their prices......

At the end of this posting is a list of web sites with additional
and software to download, both workstation and PC software and someone
let us know if you find others. This done with EXCITE, Alta-Vista, and
other search engines and I personally surfed out to make sure all the
info was still there. You know how this works with some dead links.....
I'll take any updates that you know of and hopefully my typing skills
and spelling haven't made a mess of things. :-) ;-)

Banzhaf, Walter., "Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis using SPICE". New
    Jersey, Prentice Hall. 1989. pp 307 in paperback. Emphasis on
    SPICE on mainframe computers with ASCII graphics. This of interest
    to those with old version of SPICE in FORTRAN.

Chattergy, Rahul, "Spicey Circuits - Elements of Computer-Aided Circuit
    Analysis". Florida, CRC Press. 1992. pp 241 in hardcover. Jury
    is still out on this book. I need time to work through it. I know
    the author and the series editor. Small world.

Connelly, J. Alvin, and Pyung Choi, "Macromodeling with SPICE". New
    Jersey, Prentice Hall. 1992. pp 273 in hardcover. Has floppy with
    models but 5.25" floppy was unreadable as most likely damaged by
    magnetic fields with checkout system in the store.

Fenical, L.H., "PSpice - A Tutorial". New Jersey, Prentice Hall. 1992.
    pp 344 in paperback. A good book for the beginner with plenty of
    examples with schematics, SPICE output, and graphical output from

Foty, Daniel, "MOSFET Modeling with SPICE". New Jersey, Prentice Hall.
    1997. pp 653 in hardcover. With a MSRP of $104, this is by far the
    most expensive of the lot. Same class as the Massobrio book below
    in that hams are not the audience for this book.

Keown, John, "MicroSim PSpice and Circuit Analysis". New Jersey,
    Prentice Hall. 1998 in paperback. With CD evaluation copy of PSpice
    and Schematic.

Kielkowski, Ron, "Inside SPICE". New York, McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1998
    hardcover. With CD with software that is freely distributable and
    is most likely the same as the one at ftp.lehigh.edu. See notes
    below on web sources for SPICE and PSpice.

Lamey, Robert, "The Illustrated Guide to PSpice". New York, Delmar
    Publishers Inc. pp 219 in paperback. With floppy with all

Massobrio, Giuseppe and Paolo Antognetti, "Semiconductor Device Modeling
    with SPICE". New York, McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1993. pp 479 in
    hardcover. Written for people in semiconductor manufacturing and
their modeling needs.

Monssen, Franz, "MicroSim PSpice with Circuit Analysis". New Jersey,
    Prentice Hall. pp 548 in paperback. Excellent examples and

Rashid, Muhammad H., "SPICE for Circuits and Electronics using PSpice".
    New Jersey, Prentice Hall. 1995. pp 364 in paperback.

Roberts, Gordon W. and Adel S. Sedra, "SPICE Second Edition". New York,
    Oxford University Press. pp 447 in paperback. I like this book
    because of the ASCII output from SPICE and graphics and samples with
    PSpice also.

Tuinenga, Paul W., "SPICE: A Guide to Circuit Simulation And Analysis
    Using PSpice". New Jersey, Prentice Hall. 1995. pp 288 in
    paperback. Another good beginner book although weighted heavy to
    PSpice since author is shown as an employee of MicroSim Corporation
    which was bought by another company just recently.

----------------web sources for starters--------------------

http://www.sps-mot.com/home/models/ Motorola Device Models

http://ftp.llp.fu-berline.de/lsoft/Z/1/SPICE.html links to source code
     for various systems. Note that some of the links are broken.

http://www.cad.eecs.berkeley.edu/Software/software.html broken link

http://www.mpce.mq.edu.au/~tonyp/research/spice.html good links to
     source code for version Spice3f4, Macintosh version of SPICE,
     and links to patches for the software.

http://www.ee.washington.edu/eeca/models/ links to sources of device
     and discrete transistor models

http://cbis.ece.drexel.edu/ECE/ECE-E352/vendorsp.html 20 links to
     vendor sites with spice models. I didn't follow all the links, but
     am assuming that they are pretty up to date.

http://www-personal.umd.umich.edu/~rlab/software.html links to freeware
     versions of PSpice for Windows, Macintosh, LINUX, and Commodore
     Amiga systems.

http://www.ee.washington.edu/eeca/software/ more links to additional
     software for filter (analog and digital) and EEDesigner
     software just to name a few

ftp.lehigh.edu in /pub/listserv/qrp-l/tools directory is executable for
the RCG version of SPICE. This is not a crippled version with any
limits. It is fullblown SPICE2G6. I'll try to give examples in
Elmer205 postings for sample files other than the ones that come in the
package when you expand it. Run the demo.bat file to see its
capabilities. I'll come back with the details on the first 205 posting.
It's been a while since I've done it myself.

OK, that outta keep you busy until Monday. :-)


Chuck Adams  K5FO  adams@ticnet.com   CP-60

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