Re: Cyclon lead acid cell caution


From: Chuck Adams (
Date: Sat Nov 28 1998 - 20:51:28 EST

Thanks to Mike on the note on the Gates cells.

I have a set of the 25AHr cells (a.k.a. six-pack)
that weigh in at 23 pounds. Consists of six large
cells held in place by PVC covers on top and bottom.
Both for physical strength and safety as Mike pointed
out the shorted current is in excess of 1,000 amps!!!

I bought these at a Gainesville TX swapmeet for $17.
The buy of the century. I've seen them at the same
price elsewhere, but the shipping charges will cost
too much to get them someplace else.

I have placed two brass strips with 5-way terminals
that allow me to connect the power cables to. When
I did it (and I don't recommend this to anyone else)
I have gone to extra measures to insure that no
conducting item ever comes across the two exposed
terminals. :-) This is my power source for any qrp
rig I put on the desk. Hate to think that 23 pounds probably
comes close to the weight of the entire rig collection sans
keys. :-) I also took a section of broom handle and two
metal strips and made a carrying handle, which I'll show
in the photos. They hold a charge a long time and I just
trickle charge them with a regular gel-cell charger.

I'll photograph these cells and put them on the web page
Monday along with some other stuff I've been working on.
We'll also start back up on the Elmer200 postings now
that people have had time to get their crystal checkers

This holiday weekend has been spent on 17 meters
where possible. Have worked on 17 meters the
following states (since all the big guns are on the
non-WARC bands) and this is not to be construed
as bragging, just the facts and another reason this
gang should listen to this band.....

VT WA WI and WY. I thought I'd do the hard ones
first. :-) Also had my first GM-17 to GM-17 QSO
on Saturday. He said 3W, but I don't think I can
possibly get that much from mine. Got it tuned
down to the patented 0.95W just to make life
interesting as usual. Also worked K4TWJ yesterday
(Friday). Neato.

The previous posting on the list about 18.101MHz.
There is a beacon from VE3RAT at 1W that is running
and has been running for over a year that I know of.
I use it to check on conditions, but don't let that
be the only factor. Call CQ. You'll be surprised.

FYI es agn tnx Mike

Chuck Adams  K5FO   CP-60

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