Re: The right end of the slobberin' iron & other fancies


From: Ken Freedman (
Date: Sat Nov 28 1998 - 15:54:08 EST

At 12:36 PM 11/28/98 -0500, Nils R Young wrote:
>So, having said that, did anyone notice that Tech America has the Alinco
>6m/HF transceiver on sale for $750? I did. And I'm still cleaning up the
>shack for the arrival of the K2, which I will have spent just about that
>much on & still have to build it. Am I feeling bad about this? Hmmm . . .
>To build or to buy . . . . hmm . . .

Yes Nils, I did notice. Horrible example department: I bought one, and
found that you need to open the case to move a jumper if you want to
control a linear with it. In the attempt, I broke one of those itty-bitty
boards (It looks like an after thought, and may in fact be re-work.) My
best magnifier (a necessity for the over 50 crowd) and smallest tip
soldering iron wern't up to the job of making that repair. That's when I
found out that Alinco gets $120/hr to work on those rigs... When it came
back, I sold it. Still undecided??

73, Ken

Ken Freedman

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