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From: Tom Palmer (
Date: Sat Nov 28 1998 - 08:01:03 EST

I agree with everything Rich (K7SZ) says with two nit pick exceptions:
(1) The percentage of contesters who care to hear "QRP" added to your call is
much greater than 0.1 percent. I believe its at least 10%.
(2). Follow all of Rich's recommended procedures but add "QRP" at the end if
you have made at least 2 calls and had no reply. Adding "QRP" can prompt a
reply if the other station is QRP friendly, even if all he/she heard from you
was "QRP." Tom, N1TP, Naples, Florida.

Richard Arland wrote:

> Hi Richard:
> Most of the time it does no good to sign "/QRP". These are extra
> characters that the BIG GUNS don't really care to copy. They want
> your call and report, and that is all.
> Most of the good CW ops in contests will pick your call out of the
> melee. Timing is everything. Watch the pileup and wait for the "lull"
> when everyone stops transmitting for a second or two. Drop your call
> in at that time. Don't bother with "/QRP", it's meaningless to 99.9%
> of the contesters. Stay away from "kilowatt alley" (the low end of the
> band) and cruise the high end of the CW portion for contacts. Use
> search and pounce won't be able to hold a freq and
> call "CQ" because you just don't have the juice. Wait until the 2nd day
> and cruise "kilowatt alley" when the BIG GUNS have worked the band out
> and are begging for Qs.
> You can play the contest game with QRP, you just have to work smarter
> and adjust your operating style a bit. Since most of the exchanges are
> routine, listen to the high speed ops, copy the callsign (this may take
> a few tries, but work at it) then goose up the speed on your memory
> keyer to about 45 WPM and make the contact (you ARE using a memory
> keyer, aren't you?) These big contests are great for getting the DXCC
> totals up. Have fun!
> 73 es gl
> Rich K7SZ
> Richard wrote:
> >
> > When you contesters are trying to break a pileup in a contest like the
> > CQ WW, do you sign /QRP? If so, when do you add the /QRP? I rarely have
> > /QRP acknowledged so I wonder if they even log it.
> >
> > 72 es CUL Richard KT4OR/QRP
> >
> > QRP ARCI #9827 QRP-L #1750 FISTS # 2691 10-X # 68271
> > DXCC, WAC, WAS, 1000 Mile Per Watt Club
> >
> >
> >
> > DX IS! QRP is TOO!!

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