NE602 vs. SA602


From: Mike McShan (
Date: Sat Nov 28 1998 - 00:42:19 EST


As many of us are aware, the NE602 IC, so beloved of QRPers, has been deep
sixed by Philips and replaced by the SA602A. I studied the spec sheets
today and found that this new IC appears to be very similar to its
predecessor in terms of pinout, Vcc, etc.

My question is, to the gurus out there, can the SA602 directly substitute
for the NE602 in a circuit (direct drop-in replacement)? What possible
changes might be required in the associated discrete components? Inquiring
biologists and other lower life forms want to know since this is the chip
we will be dealing with now.

72 and thanks,

Mike N5JKY
Edmond, OK

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