Re: A-1 OP Awards


From: Ed Loranger (
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 12:03:11 EST

Thanks Al and Greg for taking the time to bestow such

This is not taken lightly. Now to dress it up.

Going to get a nice frame for it. Probably don't
need jewler's rouge or Brasson on this one, it
shines all by itself!

72, Ed WE6W QRP-Z#106
Enjoying Ham Radio every day! Santa Rosa, CA.

On Thu, 19 Nov 1998 08:06:04 -0700 alan dawkins <>
>To all who recieved A-1 op awards, congradulations.
>ARRL will tell you via email who nominated you, but to save time.
>Myself and Greg AK7Y made nomination and we second each others
>The process took just days and I was surprized to see the quick
>response from the Awards people.
>We felt all of you operate with skill and use good operating
>practice, you make the QRP community a place for all of use to share.
Keep it up
>and there will be more awards to come to others.

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