yes I do have a clue; clueless is a TV show and a movie


From: Pepperdine, Brien (CAB) (
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 10:51:10 EST

In point of fact, I think most of the 500 NorCal 20 buyers DO HAVE a clue
what Doug and Jim et al are doing FOR US. We do have a clue, and we all
really appreciate the huge effort.
I know I do. A few have asked, fairly nicely, what the state of progress is.
And Doug has taken the time to essentially screen any reaction he might have
had by simply saying things like: Have you ever seen 35,000 10 ohm
I think his house must be like something out of a John Wyndham sci fi book -
Day of the Components !

Yes, we paid up front to enable the parts to be purchased. I have lots of
things to do - my wife tells me all the time! When it gets to each of us
that should be soon enough. So lets enjoy what we have, bone up on CW, chase
a Fox and tolerantly live with the Fox reports on QRP-L even if you really
don't care,
enjoy 10 metres after years of waiting, and do something nice that we can
bank the brownie points gained and use toward building an NC20 or K2 when
they arrive.
I started last nite with 2 scoops of mint-chip ice cream from the Dairy
Queen for the xyl to have after her recent 4 long overtime days at work!
Next.... the kitchen exhaust hood....


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