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From: Pete Burbank (
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 00:17:10 EST

There seems to be an ongoing discussion about what we should be
discussing that detracts from the free spirit of this list. I,
and am sure many others, enjoy the technical aspects of the hobby
and trying the latest project on the air. That includes the testing
ground of sweepstakes, field day and foxhunts.
My first QRP experiences evoke memories of being burned by a hot
metal 6AG7 so I feel qualified to comment. Sure, sometimes the
topic is about something you don't really care about but what's
the big deal? If you post a "don't want to talk about da-ta-da"
what do you want to read?
As long as it's not about the best way to fry liver it's OK
with me.
73+/-1 Pete W4VCT

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