Want NCG 7/21/50, Re: Why 40/20/6m ?, and first impressions: HT-750


From: Caitlyn M. Martin (cait.martin@ibm.net)
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 23:37:29 EDT

Hi, Masa,

Thank you for explaining it. It reminded me that I'd still like to find an
old NCG 7/21/50, if anyone has one to part with...

On Mon, 12 Oct 1998 10:24:20 +0900 (JST), Masayuki Uchida wrote:

>As OM Dave said so, 40, 15, and 6 meter versions of Mizuho HTs are
>still in production. Some OMs may become aware that this band
>combination is just like a Tokyo HY Power HT-750.

A few YLs too.. <smile>

> But why this combination ?
># Don't misunderstand. Mizuho HTs are mono bander. HT-750 is
># 40/15/6m tribander.

It's also a bit more feature-rich, IMHO. I have the THP, which is why I
would want *different* bands of the Mizuho, but I guess that's not to be.
> On 6m, sporadic E layer propagation can be expected, as you
>know, its drastic open is the one of the best fun in amateur radio
>operations, and 4th class can operate this band.

I also think too many Americans remember the days of poorly filtered 6
meter rigs and old TVs on rabbit ears, with 6 meters getting into channel
2. It never was a problem at QRP power levels anyway, at least since the
mid 80's equipment that I've had came out. Six is my favorite band, and I
agree, it's about the most fun there is in ham radio.

I've now been able to play with my THP HT-750 a few times, so far only on
15 meters, since I haven't heard any 6 meter activity. It's got an
amazingly good receiver for such a small package, and I can hear the world.
 Today, for the first time, someone heard me too. Actually, a couple of
someones in the western part of the country, and I got a nice audio report
and a 5-2 signal report from California with my whopping 3 watts PEP SSB.

My first impression is that the radio is fantastic, and while I know it's
expensive as all heck to import, I'd recommend it and believe it's probably
worth the money. Oh, and if anyone does get one, definitely buy their band
coils and antenna. The coil and telescoping whip combo on top of the rig
was my only antenna today :)

I'll post more about it when I've used it a bit more, especially on 40 and


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