FOX: de Fox #3 - WA8GHZ - Tuesday Op & Freq. Info


From: JFD / WA8GHZ /5 (
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 23:55:48 EDT

Greetings Fellow Hounds from the Gulf Coast:

With thanks for the many helpful ideas and suggestions, here s
Tuesday's pre-event operating info. Hope all have fun........
de WA8GHZ (one of the world s longest call signs; it was my first in 62
and I paid $$ to get it again - kinda like old slippers)

Jack Houston, TX

WHEN: USA10/13 TUESDAY EVENING LOCAL (for the UTC- impaired)
           UTC 10/14 0100 UTC
           EDT 10/13 0900 PM Tuesday
           CDT 10/13 0800 PM Tuesday
           MDT 10/13 0700 PM Tuesday
           MST 10/13 0600 PM Tuesday in AZ ( ;-) tu Jerry)
           PDT 10/13 0600 PM Tuesday
        for 2 hours duration

FREQ: -High side; 7043 +/- (unless the LatAm SSB and QRM
gets too bad - then will announce QSY de WA8GHZ and jump anywhere
in legal 7.035 to 7.045 territory)
-Will sneak down CLOSE to 7040 occasionally for you Rock Hounds (I saw
the post :-] )
-Will do RIT when pile gets too large to hear (OMNI 5 RIT=dual VFOs),
but will listen on XMIT freq. also - i.e. no fixed split - sure don t
wanna dq :-(

RIG: TenTec Omni V at 5 watts (with all the filters)
( yep I also got many rigs I build, but want to put as many tools as I
can into this to maximize hounds, plus the pileups have been AWESOME and
want lots of controls/filters to dive into that)
        Resonant Vee Antenna
        Logikey K3, Kent Quality powered
        TR-Log :
                CODE SPEED = 20 (but will match ur speed no prob)
                CQ MEMORY F1 = CQ DE WA8GHZ /FOX
                 CQ EXCHANGE = @ UR 45N TX JACK NR 61N BK
                QSL MESSAGE = QSL DE WA8GHZ /FOX

I m foregoing my first instinct and not sending 72 every Q and just
sending the cut number N for 9, in hopes the extra time might just gain
just 1 more hound.

QSL: Will work on a special (biz-sized SASE appreciated) (Still have
KB7MBI s great one on the wall from last year - it s the only card on
permanent display here)
        A.R.S. WA8GHZ
        Jack Dougherty
        16103 Garden Hill Lane
        Houston, TX 77095-4046


FUN: Rule #1
        Nice evening in the shack
        no homework, no honeydo s
        don t get no better n that

Hope to hear from 2 or 3 of you,
WA8GHZ /5 Jack /Houston

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