Why 40/20/6m ? (Re: MIZUHO PRICES....(AMERICAN) ...)


From: Masayuki Uchida (muchida@postman.riken.go.jp)
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 21:24:20 EDT

As OM Dave said so, 40, 15, and 6 meter versions of Mizuho HTs are
still in production. Some OMs may become aware that this band
combination is just like a Tokyo HY Power HT-750. But why this
combination ?

# Don't misunderstand. Mizuho HTs are mono bander. HT-750 is
# 40/15/6m tribander.

The answer is that this band combination comes from the frequency
privilege of 4th class amateur radio license in JA. The population
of JA 4th class is above 80% of all JA amateurs, and they cannot
operate on 30, 20 and 17 meter bands. Therefore, there are relatively
big market in 40m as domestic main street and 15m as main DX window for
4th class. On 6m, sporadic E layer propagation can be expected, as you
know, its drastic open is the one of the best fun in amateur radio
operations, and 4th class can operate this band.

This is the reason why 40/15/6 meter combination is popular in JA amateur
radio products.

In <199810111958.MAA14737@netcom11.netcom.com>,
        David Feldman <dgf@netcom.com> wrote:
> >As many people that seem to want these (I would like one myself) Maybe we
> >could make a connection with a good ol QRP-L Group Buy? That might make it
> >worth their while to import 20 or 30 of them to the states to all the Happy
> >togo QRP'ers...
> >Just a thought, I have no clue how to import or convert prices, but I would
> >almost bet someone has already worked it all out for 1 radio...
> Find TOPTRON in Tokyo, and send them a fax. They have export people and
> in the past I've been able to import some MIZUHO crystals (for their
> QRP rigs). The 40, 15 and 6 meter version of the Mizuho hand-helds are
> still in production.
> 73 Dave WB0GAZ dgf@netcom.com

73 Masa JO2AJT/WH2O ex-JL7CLE muchida@postman.riken.go.jp

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