4-sale...QRP NE 40-40, XCVR


From: John R Kirby (n3aaz-qrp@juno.com)
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 12:15:09 EDT

4-sale to the highest bidder.

The New England QRP Club 40-40 Transceiver
Built by me,
Excellent condition,


Front Panel...Ten turn dial with ten turn pot, and volume control.
Inside...The world famous NN1G, Dave Benson 40-40 XCVR
        on a 3 X 4 inch PCB, with xtal filter, (with NO MODS).

        "An AGC Audio Preamp for All Seasons" from QST..works too!,
        that includes an MPF-102, uA-741, several Rs, Cs ,diodes
        and LM-386 amp built on a 1.25 X 4.75 inch no solder "poke board".
        Hash filter for mobile operation.

Rear Panel has six ports;
         Ant (BNC), phones/speaker, key, power in, power out (filtered), spare

Enclosure...2.75 X 5 X 5.5 inch with rubber feet.

17 page manual with schematic (original)
QST AGC article and schematic(copy)
NN1G RIT for 30-40 and 40-40 (original de "72" ) article and schmatic
only no components, but
        one-half of that "poke board" is still free and this RIT circuit will
only use
        half of that leaving one-quarter of the board free...

I will ship UPS ground to the "48" , if DX?, we can work it out.

My new shack is a 33-5W, is that QRP conjecturable?

Who knows what may be next while clearing out the old shack?

I see a Ramsey 30 meter QRPp rig over there with manual / schematic and
no mods.

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