Yet another Sierra Power question..


From: Tim Cook (
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 11:51:13 EDT

I just got a Sierra and have the following power outputs using 13.8v into a
dummy load.

80m - 1.75w
40m - 1.75w
30m - 1.40w
20m - 1.30w

(It runs about 500mw less on all bands when I use my 12v portable supply.)

I have looked over several mods to increase the power output, and the one
that comes to mind is changing to a 4:1 transformer in the output and
changing out the final transistor. Is there any power to be gained by just
changing the final to something else (a drop in replacement perhaps?)

Also my Q5 is still a J309, should I change that to a J310 as I have seen

I really like the radio, but would like just a tad bit more power, I don't
necessarily want 5w on all bands, but 2.0w or more on 12v would be nice...
any suggestions?
p.s. built the 20m module yesterday, now for the 15 meter one today...

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