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From: mike czuhajewski (
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 11:07:01 EDT

Doug Hendricks posted this recently--

Mike Czyhajewski posted a message the other day about his and ARCI's
stand on QRP organizations. In the heading of the message was an
address list with my call as the first address. The reason that it was
there was because Mike C. copied the message to me. He made reference
to the inner circle of arkie in his posting, and some may have inferred
that because of my address being in the header, that I am among the
members of that group. I am not on or in the "Inner Circle of ARCI".
Just wanted to clarify that one. I am member number 7296.

72, Doug, KI6DS.

Doug is correct. When I first sent out the message internally, I sent it
to the inner circle with him as BCC (and mentioned in the body that he
was a BCC because I didn't want him to get spammed with any discussion
it might generate). When I posted it to QRP-L I put the following in the
CC line--KI6DS, BOD, QQSTAFF, OFFICERS, and the address book function of
the mailer fleshed out the 3 aliases. Unfortunately, when it gets sent
out all of the individual addresses are on there and the aliases are not
mentioned, giving the possible impression that all of the addresses are
in a common group.

That's one of the problems with e-mail addressing. When I have comments
for internal distribution but want "outsiders" to see it, I usually do
it that way--put the "outsider" down for a BCC (blind CC, who receives a
copy but whose name does not appear anywhere on the message) and tell
everyone that someone else is getting a BCC. We've had problems in the
past with a number of people getting spammed by unwanted comments
because they got sucked into them by being included on a CC line. People
almost always answer things by using the "reply to all" function, and
then the address line with unsuspecting, innocent people attached gets
propagated and perpetuated for some time.

I regret any inconvenience that this may have caused Doug, and I also
apologize to those who have been sucked into discussions against their
will in the past :-) Remember, if you have a complaint about the QRP
Quarterly or QRP ARCI awards or contests or subscriptions or anything
else, send them to me or to some other individual, but don't send them
to a CC list you see on a qrp-l posting somewhere since it may well
include people who were innocent bystanders :-)

And speaking of the QRP Quarterly, I just received my subscription copy
a couple days ago. Outgoing editor KU7Y told us that it would be in an
envelope this time, and it was. Mine arrived in good shape, but MD is
much closer to Canton, OH than the west coast is. Those of you who are
QRP Quarterly subscribers, please let us know if your October issue
arrives mangled. And if it does, please let us know if it also arrived
mangled in the past when it was not in an envelope. We've avoided going
to first class mail due to the much greater expense, and aren't
convinced that it would give any greater protection to the material
(which seems to arrive unmolested in the vast majority of cases, even by
bulk mail).

Non-QRP postal comment--speaking of postage, I just mailed a Hewlett
Packard meter to W1HUE in Idaho, postal zone 8 from here, 12 pounds.
The clerk first gave me the first class, priority mail rate of $16.15.
I asked how much I would save by going ordinary parcel post--she told
me it would be five cents less! That's $16.10 for parcel post, and
$16.15 for first class, priority mail. One has to wonder how much better
service it will get if the difference between the two is so microscopic

BTW, please note my new address, which has been in use for a couple
months. The old address ( will be closed down shortly.

73 and Queue Our Pea de WA8MCQ

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