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From: Caitlyn M. Martin (
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 09:50:35 EDT

On Sun, 11 Oct 1998 03:14:14 EDT, wrote:

>Those people
>apparently don't fully understand and/or appreciate RIT (or just plain don't
>have it) and need to read Joe Gervais' excellent explanation on it's use. If
>you have some kind of QRM fighter (i.e. passband tuning) on your rig and I
>don't, does that mean you can't use yours? Hell no! You have the tool, so
>use it. Again I say RIT is a tool! A good tool! If anything, it will help
>maximize the number of contacts that can be made. Why is that a bad thing?

Hi, Dave,

I'm not involved in the foxhunt, but I think your comments are excellent in
general. My tiny QRP rig (the HT-750) has little but RIT to sort out the
QRM, and it's absolutely essential on 15 and 40.


Caitlyn M. Martin "They have computers, and may have other weapons of mass destruction" -Janet Reno

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