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From: Patrick Cook (
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 06:36:10 EDT

Hi everyone:

First off, I must apologize to some lists for an earlier test message as there have been mail problems on my end as I was merely ascertaining which lists I was still on and which ones I was removed from.  With that said, I apologize.

Now on to the business at hand.  I have a HAM RELATED website up and running here on QSL Net and I thought it would be cool to have some CW playing continuously in the background, however I haven't ANY idea where I might be able to find any.

If anyone has any CW .wav files, they'd be happy to share (provided it's permitted to do so), please pass them along to me OFF LIST!!!  If anyone
knows of a few places on the Internet (or even just one) where I can go, please pass along the URL.  You can pass along the URL(s) either on or off list (unless the list owner objects).

Granted, I *could* just simply record the CW IDer of a local repeater and  have that play continuously, but we all know there's nothing worse than SYNTHESIZED CW!!!

The reason why I ask the Ham-Web bunch is in case they might know of places themselves since they're fellow webmasters (many of whom have their sites on QSL Net).

I look forward to all your replies.  :-)

72/73's for now my friends!!!  :-)

Patrick Cook, KB0OXD
Denver, Colorado

P.S:  The above is NOT intended to be an advertisement, but people are nonetheless invited to check my site out and provide any feedback as to
how I might improve on it.

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