FS:75m Centennial ssb. $50


From: W7LS (w7ls@blarg.net)
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 03:26:55 EDT

        I have a 75 meter Centennial from Dan's Small Parts that is about
3/4 built, with all the parts, book, etc. It is excess to my needs, right
now. Doesn't look like I'll get to it for quite a while. Gotta make room
for the next rig in line. Selling it 'as-is'. For those that aren't
familiar with this rig, you can see it on Dan's Small Parts home page. In
a nutshell, it is a ssb rig that covers the whole 80 meter band, from 3.5
to 4 MHz. CW is had by tossing a 700 Hz tone into the mic jack. 10 watts
output, or so. I don't know the URL, but there are links to it all over
the place. Last time I checked, it was going for $69 and mail. Tell me if
it changed.
        I'd like $50 for it and say, $3 for Priority (hahahahahahaha)
Mail. I s'pose if you live in Upper Duckwater, Northwest Territories, it
might run $4. Night......

Jim W7LS

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