June QST Rx


From: Niels Jensen Kristjansson (nkristja@cadvision.com)
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 01:42:04 EDT

Hi gang!

I am wondering if anyone on the list has built the regenerative
receiver featured in the 98 june issue of QST. This receiver uses
an opto coupler instead of a tickler coil for the regeneration.
This is a very clever way of doing it and so simple when one looks
at it (simple is right up my narrow alley). This article is geared
to the 40m version and coupled with a simple 40m transmitter could
make a very interesting rig. Anyone that has not played with a
regenerative receiver should try it, itīs lots of fun.

So any thoughts?????

72 de Niels

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