Re: qrp number and another question???


From: Monte Stark (
Date: Sun Aug 16 1998 - 10:29:41 EDT

On Sun, 16 Aug 1998, bob evinger wrote:

> Is it common practice to sign with a /qrp when calling cq when running
> qrp? I hadnt typicaly done it until I heard another station using it.
> I seem to get a few more answers now that I have been doing it also.A

Hi Bob,

You will get good advice to do both! :-)

I tend to use /qrp when calling CQ. The reason is that if you are
running qrp and you hear a weak CQ there is a good chance you
will not call because you "know" that your sig will be even
weaker! But by knowing that I am QRP then you know that the
conditions are such that we should be able to have a qso.

During a QSO I seldom use it.

I seldom use it when I call another station. No real reason,
just the way I do it.

The real bottom line is that it really doesn't matter. There
is no right or wrong! :-)

You can get a QRP-L number by sending a request to the listserver.
Check your welcome message that was sent to you when you
joined the list. Or I'm also sure someone will e-mail you with
the proper address and command to use. (I don't have mine
handy when using this mailer).


73, Ron, SOWP 5545M,

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