Re: Elmer 101 sprint


From: Ed Loranger (
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 03:10:38 EDT

Thank you Roger. It was fun listening for the Elmer
crowd and as a non-student I was in Hunt/pounce mode.

The band was very noisy and lots of QRO QSO's nearby
on 7040. I checked 7115 +/-; 10.116 +/- but only
heard elmer CQ's on 7040.

I worked ab5pc and of course Roger/n7kt.

Heard but not worked: KI5VT/Ka0VJX/KB9EGE/K50N
WA5YFY. Gary/WA5YFY rig offset must be off a
bit. He QRZ'd me after I decided to go real
low on the sideband in hopes of finding his
RIT setting....

But the QSB was deep but still great fun.
Congrats to all the sw40+ elmer students!
-Ed Loranger WE6W

72, Ed WE6W QRP/CW only (VP-0).
Enjoying Ham Radio every day! Santa Rosa, CA. (CM88ok)

On Wed, 12 Aug 1998 18:27:17 +0000 Roger Hightower <>
>Well, I can say I tried. Made one contact at 0114Z with Ed, WE6W
>that first QSO is always fun. Thanks, Ed.

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