RE: W0RSP Joins the Altoids Crew


From: A. Weiss (
Date: Tue Jul 21 1998 - 00:54:59 EDT

Hi gang:

All those Altoids rigs at Dayton!!! I mean, like I published the
first Sucret Special in THE MILLIWATT way back when, but
I've never done a tin-rig. So, I saw a Columbus QRPC
MRX-40 in an Altoids box a couple of weeks ago, then
the Coastal around teh corner started stocking Altoids
boxes. So I got the MRX-40 by Steve K8IDN. It is indeed
tiny! But I managed to get another dozen or so parts to
stretch the xtal to about 4KHz pull and increase the audio.

So, there was so much space in the Altoids I worked up a
3-tranny xmtr. Main problem was the output from the MRX-40
oscillator -- 170-280mv -- dropped off quickly at the bottom
end of the range. Used a Class A tuned stage to bring it up,
and then an AB a C final (3553). Could hav left it go at
around 700mw an no output dropoff and the bottom end, but
I opted for POWER!!! Final souped up version puts out
4.5w with a 10.5 stiff computer Nicad. Heavy. Reg 9v batt
in the Altoids does 1.2w for a while. Can recharge these things a number of times, losing a little each time. Then at
the Kansas city hamfest I picked about 5lbs of discarded
1.5v nicads out of the garbage and found 6 that worked. Puts out 1-1.2w with these. Longer than the 9v batt.

Long story short, finally got it all in the Altoids last night, but
the band was dead. AB5UA has the honor of the first QSO,
followed by AB7HI!! (honor?).....

At any rate, now I can once again walk with my head held
high and pride in my heart. Of course, there always is that
xcvr in a Zippo liighter that I saw at Dayton... ferget it!
Altoids is small enough for me!

But talk about exciting. Before this Altoids thing, I never even
conceived of the idea of sitting here making a QSO with a
9v transistor battery! Everything is in the Altoids, including
a microswitch key that works pretty well. This is really kind
of incredible! A 9v battery etc.... Oh well.....

73, Ad W0RSP

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