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From: Adam B. Kanis (
Date: Sun Jun 28 1998 - 11:04:28 EDT

hi all,

yesterday at the Iowa City ARC FD site i met a ham from Belize who has
interesting proposal. i answered with the best of my
off-the-top-of-my-head ability, and told him i'd get more input from
'folks who would know' - those on the qrp-l list. i believe that i have
seen that some members here have been through similar situations.

problem: he lives in a decent size town, but communities in the
forest/jungle nearby have no means of communications into town. the
outlying communities that he is referring to are within about 20 miles
him, there is a mountain between some of the communities and his QTH.

proposal: he'd like to get 1 or 2 individuals from each community
as a Novice, supply them with a solar powered QRP CW setup, and run a
daily slow-net (he already has experience being net-control). he hasn't
planned (yet) about monitoring the frequencies at times other that the
scheduled times for emergencies. Net contol would be using a commercial
rig, and he has experience picking out weak signals.

requirements: the equipment needs to be simple, easily serviced, parts
easily obtained, and since he will probably be picking up most of the
costs himself, as inexpensive as possible. the communications need to be
reliable regardless of season or sunspot cycle, and frequencies used
should be in the Novice sub-bands (i'm told they are similar to ours).
control would be using a commercial rig, and has expierence picking out
very weak signals.

first thoughts: a crystal controlled transmitter and receiver, with a
primary and a backup frequency, into an NVIS antenna. manual TR

needed input:

1) would you recommend a separate xmitter/receiver?

2) what band would you chose (or would you think of going with the
frequency being on a separate band). would you match this band(s) with
NVIS antenna design, or something else?

3) i was thinking that the ONER xmitter (or similar) looked pretty
appropriate, but was less sure about receivers.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and will be forwarded.

--adam, n2brt
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