Re: Observations: HW CPY?


From: Dan Presley (
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 14:01:56 EST

Sam-with all due respect; lighten up a bit over the HW CPY issue. It's a
very convenient and acceptable way to turn the qso back over to whoever
you're talking to-at the end of a transmission (from me to you) I send HW
SAM?; in other words, it's your turn, and I hope that qrm, qrn, qsb, the
dog, your wife, or something else hasn't prevented you from copying my
comments.Yes, it is traditional, and very useful to signify that it's your
turn and you haven't lost me somewhere along the line. It sure beats "OK
Sam, now it's your turn and turn it back to you", or the even worse "Bk to
u" which always sounds like "break to you". HW? ( which I prefer to HW
CPY?) is a very simple, succint and useful way to turn it over.I learned it
from working a lot of patient 'old timers' when I started out in CW- I soon
realized that the collective wisdom of 70+ years of operating by these guys
was well worth studying and emulating as it made for smooth qsos and good
conversation.Anyway, Sam (and anyone else) when you work me (and I hope I
get the chance) I'll be using HW SAM? along with a few other good
abbreviations, and I hope they continue in use-that's what makes it all

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