Field day digital stuff (Kinda long)


From: Gerald A Huldeen (
Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 21:50:02 EST

Hi gang-

I think it is too late to complain about digital modes this field day.
And, like most of our fears, it perhaps will not be as intrusive as

It seems to me that since it seems to be a fact that it will be there,
that we wait, listen, and then voice any complaints, suggestions, etc. to
the ARRL, based on what actually did happen. And then, reasoned
statements, rather than emotional.

No, I don't operate digital, but am considering it as another facet of
ham radio that I can explore in qrp mode, just as soon as I can figure
out how to wire an old Color computer 232 port to a mic jack.

Not to start or continue a flame war, just my 2 bits worth.

Jerry WB0T
Sioux City, IA

BTW, thanks to all who were fox stations. I had more fun with that than
I've had for years, and operated HF many more hours. You revived my
interest in Hamming in general, and qrp in particular!

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