RE: RF probe voltage dependency


From: Adam B. Kanis (
Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 20:41:01 EST

hi all,

i had received serveral responses from the great elmers that inhabit this
list on my question about the poor changing accuracy of an RF probe with
voltage. again, we passed the very minimal QC requirement of noting that
all the responses agreed with each other : they all agreed that it was a
Wayne Greene conspiracy (with some reservations by W6TOY). Seriously, it
was impressed on me that the non-linear nature of the ARRL, i mean of the
voltage:current curve of diode, that caused the poor response at the lower
voltage ranges. the consensus was: the RF Probe was not very good lower
voltages, and should be used pretty much at 1 V RMS and above.

glad i got the scope. maybe an RF probe with an SMT amp built in would be
a nice project?

you know, i could never figure out if Waynes insults about my profession
(medical research) are just an act, or if i really should feel insulted.
nah, i'm getting too rich holding back my findings on diseases that cause
visual loss, to worry about that. at least we agree that we should all
belong to the ARRL, even if we don't agree with it for everything.

--adam, n2brt
Adam B. Kanis

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