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From: William H. Launer (launerb@crl.com)
Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 11:12:53 EST

QRP-L Gang,

Last night I heard w0udi calling cq, with a 559 signal, on 7.042 among
the qrn and rtty contest signals. I gave him a call with my OHR-100A,
and he came back and gave me a 449 report. We exchanged info; his qth
is Brookings, SD, and was using a Drake TR-7 with a limited antenna
(he's in an apartment). The qrm got more intense, so we signed off.

A few minutes later, I checked my e-mail on the internet, and he had
sent me a nice message apologizing for having to curtail our qso. He's
an old-timer, having gotten his first license in 1935. His cw was flawless,
and is a real gentleman. He may not be qrp, but is a first class operator.
A lot of the old-timers may complain about the 'net, but many are using it
in conjunction with ham radio.

I assume he got my e-mail address from the QRZ on-line database - I checked
and he also has his listed there. I don't have any connections with the
QRZ people, but if you don't have your address listed there, it's a good
idea to
put it there.

72/73, Bill wb0cld

Bill Launer
St. Charles, MO
wb0cld@wb0cld.ampr.org []
qrp-l #279 qrp arci #3551
Grid Square EM48RT

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