Re: Major changes to Field Day rules


From: Dave Sjolin (
Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 09:40:37 EST

Paul Erickson wrote:

> Please convey my profoundest disappointment in the announced changes
> regarding digital qso's. All other events have enough sence to keep
> rtty contests on different weekends. (Yes, I know, F.D. is not a
> contest). The additional qrm in the cw subbands will be horrendous.
> Also, the previous scoring scheme recognized the additional skill
> required to make cw contacts. To give digital contacts equal weight
> is an insult.

Paul, I'm sorry that you feel as you do.

I dont believe that adding digital qsos to field day operations will
necessarily increase qrm all that much in the cw subbands. First of all,
many of those you now hear in rtty contests probably already participate
in Field Day. It is no way clear that they will switch from SSB or cw to
oerating rtty for any significant period of time. Also since Field Day
is a rate contest where dx is not worth that much, you should expect to
find minimal activity down in the rtty dx subband (er. cw subbands -
HI). The time spent on rtty will likely be spent near 7080 or 14080
where they know they will be able to find some quick contacts before
they return to cw or ssb.

As far as the scoring scheme, I doubt that ever had anything to do with
skill required. Increased weighting for cw and now rtty contacts is
given to encourage use of those modes by more participants during the
contest. If additional points werent given for cw or rtty there would be
less incentive for the various clubs, etc to operate those modes when
they could be happy operating the entire contest on ssb. Also in the
case of rtty, I think part of the rationale for scoring is to provide
incentive for lugging additional equipment to the field as well as
procuring additonal operators to use it.

73 de Dave, N0IT

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