RF power transistor


From: Roger Braker (msebrakr@telepath.com)
Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 09:33:33 EST

Hi Guys,
I am wanting to change the RF power transistor in the ugly weekender to an
NTE235. I burned up the orginal by leaving the antenna unconnected while
transmitting. OOOPSSS. I know that the 33v zener diode is there for
protection... or I found that out AFTER the incident. I guess that's the
price you pay fo ignorance. I left it out cuz I didn't have one and I
someone told me it should work without it. The transistor I want to use
came out of an old CB radio so I don't know what it's "normal" part number
would be(2n...). I crossed the number on the case (c2092) to an NTE235 at
the nte web site. I can send the specs as an HTML file to anyone who wants
them. What I want to know is: what parts valures will need to be changed
with the new tranisistor. How do I set the current pull so I can set the
Power level? The article for the ugly weekender said that the lowpass
output filter should be redesigned for higher powerlevels. Does it need to
be redesigned for an output of 5 or 6 watts? If so, what has to be
changed? I have looked in the handbook but it wasn't much help. I also
run a web search but no luck there either. I you could give me a URL where
I can learn about this stuff or any other help I would greatly apriciate
it. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide and the help you
have provided in the past.

Arnold kd5ckh

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