Major changes to Field Day rules


From: Paul Erickson (
Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 03:09:17 EST

Mr. Hutchinson,

Please convey my profoundest disappointment in the announced changes
regarding digital qso's. All other events have enough sence to keep
rtty contests on different weekends. (Yes, I know, F.D. is not a
contest). The additional qrm in the cw subbands will be horrendous.
Also, the previous scoring scheme recognized the additional skill
required to make cw contacts. To give digital contacts equal weight
is an insult. My interest in this will be significantly less, and I
say that as one who has been part of the top Canadian entry in our
class the past two years. (VE7NSR)

With great regret.

Paul Erickson VE7CQK email:

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