K2 Unveiling at the NorCal meeting, April 5th


From: N6KR - EleCraft (radios@elecraft.com)
Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 00:06:36 EST


The in-progress K2 prototype will be shown for the first time at the
upcoming NorCal meeting in Pleasanton, CA, on 4-5-98. Actually, Eric and I
each have a prototype, so chances are there will be two K2s to look at.
Nearly everything will be functional by then, although we may not have the
boxes painted and screened.

Let it also be known that W1EAK was the first person heard on the K2, on or
about (you guessed it) 7.040. However, a good deal of the initial receiver
firmware was tweaked while listening to the Bay Area locals, including Bob,
N6WG -- an omnipresent and reliable signal source :)

This is the most fun I've had since I wired ten discrete parts together and
put a 200mW signal into L.A. from San Diego--back in 1974!


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