40mtr loop continued


From: JOEL DENISON (jdenison@morelr.com)
Date: Mon Mar 02 1998 - 20:14:38 EST

High guys/gals;

        Been playing with my new 40mtr loop ant and have found it will give
me a good match thru the balun on forty, twenty, fifteen, ten meters... nice
little suprise... even made a voice ssb, qso on 17mtrs...
        On twenty meters I worked back home (from maine to louisiana) to my
former neighbor in new iberia la. W5ZR Bert. He has a four element quad up
eighty five feet... he was over s9 and I was s7... great ssb qso.
        I am in the process of putting up another loop at a 90* angle to
this one and will see what it will grab!!! I'll use a dpdt switch to go from
one to the other. This should be interesting....
        Gives new meaning to the term "getting looped" :-)
joel wa5cvm/1 strong, maine... in the sneaux...

God Bless

WA5CVM Gentlemen don't Cry, They QSY :-)
Joel Denison Gentle Lady (RC Sail Plane)(049 engine - start)
PO BOX 542 80 mtr dipole up 50ft
Strong, Maine 04983 QRP ARCI 4066 NEW ENGLAND QRP 476 QRP-L 765
jdenison@morelr.com AK/QRP 109

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