Re: Amateur Radio air waves meet internet


Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 10:53:01 EST

Actually, this can be done. Instead of sending CW (carrier waves), it would
have to be something else to reduce bandwidth.

Imagine a program that generates binary codes for dit (00000001) and a dah
(00000011). Since TCP/IP is for all practical purposes, point-to-point, you
would connect to a server. The server only shows call signs blinking. Each
time you send CQ CQ CQ (perhaps a marker sensed by the server that looks for a
call sign immediately after CQ) you call is detected KB9RPD and flashes. The
contacts are made the same, answer a CQ, the server and client act together.
If someone hasn't signed off a QSO, they are available. If they are available
and you call CQ, a "channe" ... TCPIP port opens between the two hams. Now,
you can send CW through your client program...the two client programs decode
the binary dits and dahs and feed the resulting sounds to your sound

Because anything tone generated on the internet is usually a sound, you'd
create high bandwidth problems on a server. If you send packets with binary
segments, now you have low bandwidth. You'd no longer have "CW" in this
application. You would have "BM". Sorry, there is no pun here. ;-) Binary
Morse. Or perhaps Binary CW instead of modulated (MCW).

There is already a couple programs out there that allow you to practice
copying and sending CW. The progression will happen....I'm sure of it. It is
only a matter of time.... ;-)

Gee, how'd you fill out your QSL card? Mode: BCW, freq..... (TCPIP number and port number). hi hi

(By the way, this is a ficticious IP number).

73, Ted - KB9RPD

In a message dated 98-02-25 10:39:13 EST, you write:

<< I can see it now - turn on the PC, dial up your ISP, point your browser
 to and start calling CQ... come to think of it, who
 needs a browser?
 Actually, there could be a "regular" chat channel and the "morse" chat
 channel running simultaneously. That way, the newbie could use the
 keyboard to ask the elmer a question if the newbie didn't understand
 what was coming out of the speaker.
 I'd better go now ;-)

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