50 Ohm Dummy Load


From: KF4EIB (KF4EIB@aol.com)
Date: Sun Jan 04 1998 - 09:07:00 EST

Greetings to the Gang,

I am in the middle of a grand and glorious building project, my very first QRP
kit (40 meters). It has dawned on me (or was a that a flash from a short) that
I will need a dummy load to test my rig at a later stage. The instructions
also made mention of this fact. :-) I read about a do-it-yourself project for
a dummy load in a magazine awhile back. It did not seem all that envolved and
I "Thought" I had cut that out to save for future reference. Just as I
thought..... now you know why I am posting to the list. Does anyone know which
article I am refering, just a hand full of resistors and a board?
Hope everyone is rested up from the holidays and is READY to go back to work

Gordon kf4eib

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