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From: Gene Hall (
Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 22:41:34 EST

Greetings All,

I'm a newcomer to the QRP list but have already found the discussions
interesting and informative.

I used to operate QRP during my college days first with a homebrew crystal
controlled 40 meter transmitter using a 2N697 oscillator driving a 2N697
final. (Guess that device dates me) The coils were wound on paper forms
made from several layers of notebook paper strips wound around a 1/2" drill
bit then taped to hold their shape. Paying for college yourself makes you

>From there I went to a HW-8 then a Ten Tec Argonaut.

Now after a number of years away from QRP operation I've realized how much
I've missed the fun and am ready to get back into it.

I have a Ten Tec Scout that I can turn down to 5 watts but that's really my
mobile rig and the power requirements are kind of prohibitive for portable
operation so I'm looking around for a CW QRP rig.

I prefer to build so I've been looking at the kits available. One that
caught my eye is the NORCAL Sierra currently being offered by Wilderness
Radio. I like the multi-band capabilities and the use of plug-in modules
for changing bands doesn't bother me.

So now to my question, can any of the list members give me a rundown on
your experience with the building and operation of this rig?

Have you experienced any significant problems with the rig?

Would you buy it again?

                                73 es TNX,

                                Gene - WA4HHP

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