Re: FOX: N0UR Tuesday eve (Wed. AM Zulu)


From: Bill Myers (
Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 22:06:51 EST

At 03:22 AM 12/1/97 +0000, Jim/N0UR wrote:
>Don't forget to stop by and catch the Fox Tuesday night (12/3 Z), I promise
>to get you in and out as quick as I can. Note the time change, I will be on
>0100-0300, the orignal time was 0200-0400. I plan on being above 7.040, try
>7.043 + or - afew depending on QRM, if you don't hear me there try 7.037 +
or -.


You had an excellent signal when you first started. I heard the QRL? and
everything, including the hornet's nest you stirred up. I threw my call
out a few times, but no nibbles.

About 0122, you started slipping into the nether-regions and were gone by
0126. The hoard soon dissapeared also.

At least I heard a fox, that hasn't happened for a while around here.

As a side note, I heard MANY calls being thrown out while you were
exchanging information with a station, I'm not sure they were actually
hearing you or just joining the throng. Had a couple of tuner-uppers but
you made it through them okay...


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