More on Altiods SWL Rx


From: Steven Weber (
Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 16:47:27 EST

Howdy tin fans,

I reworked the pcb artwork for the SWL Radio in a tin. Found I could fit
both the volume and tuning controls on the board, using 13 mm controls.
This was possable since I found I really didn't need an extra audio amp
stage, so that saved some room. I also found that a common 1N4001 makes a
good tuning diode. I found a tiny 1.5" dia speaker only 0.2" deep. I found
it in a cordless phone, but I see where Mouser sells them for about 3
bucks. Looks like that will fit in the tin also. So, the only thing that
needs to be external is the battery. Maybe if we went surface mount, the
battery would fit also, but not going to do that now.

Should have all the docs done by the time some SASE's show up here.

Steve, KD1JV....In the White Mountains of New Hampshire

"Melt Solder"

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