Re: Kanga US group hug and a question on a multimeter


From: Conway Yee (
Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 13:23:19 EST

Well..Since we are doing a group hug...

I would have to concur with the others opinions about Mr. Kelsey
and Kanga US. I picked up an RTX210 kit in three orders. Mr.
Kelsey was VERY helpful. While it took quite awhile for my order
to come in, he was more than willing to keep me apprised on how
my order was doing; it took quite awhile to get the parts in from
England. He was also very helpful in working with me in getting
some parts that I needed that he did not sell.

In another note...
I have a Fluke 87 which is beginning to show some minor problems.
On one of the digits, the LCD on two to three segments doesn't
come on like it is supposed to. It is VERY poorly visualized and
only and a very steep angle. I guess it is due to some poor
solder joint somewhere but when I look inside the case, I don't see
what I can do to examine what it could be...Any ideas?

tnx es 73 de Conway Yee, N2JWQ

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