From: Philip Karras 827-2956 (PXK4@CDRH.FDA.GOV)
Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 10:50:54 EST

Mike, there have been a number of seat-of-the-pants reviews of these
rigs. However, Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60 might be the
guy to ask for a good review.

I will simply say that I have a 9040 and am pleased with it. It
drifts a bit, and has a funny sound to the side-tone at times, but
other than that I use it whenever I go on trips. I like being able to
carry the entire set-up in a briefcase. (Rig, antenna, cables, SWR
meter, key, battery, straight keys & wire, extra fuses & wire,
soldering iron & solder, and logbook.)

The only thing that would make me give it up is a kit in a smaller
case that can put out 5 watts on 12 volts, all else being equal.

So, if you're not into kits, the MFJ is a good enough rig, if you're
into kits ask Chuck what he likes, I'd like to know about the Ten-Tec
monoband rigs, even if they only put out 3 watts.

72 & 73 de KE3FL
Phil K


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