My 1st 49er QSO, OH to OR


From: Edwin E. Albert (
Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 01:34:09 EST

Greetings Gang,

Permit me the opportunity to crow a bit about the Norcal 49er.
I finally made my first QSO with the little rig this evening during
the Spartan Sprint. The courageous station on the other end was
AA7QU in OR. The 49er here was built using a Revision A board,
with a 2N3866 in the final amp. The power output was measured
at 200 mw using an OHR WM-1, feeding the faithful 80' random wire
at 15', tuned with an MFJ-16010 tuner. Power was supplied by a much
used 9 volt battery. The rig is housed in an Altoids tin, and I spent
the evening chasing stations using a plastic alignment tool to tune
the rig.

It was a very rewarding QSO. The band was in very good shape
this evening, and AA7QU gets my nomination for best ears!

72 de Ted, KF8EE
Loveland, Ohio

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