Portable Power Sources


From: Mike Hatala (mhatala@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Fri Oct 17 1997 - 20:07:05 EDT

Hi gang,
Found a vendor that stocks the 12v portable power source that was mentioned
here not long ago. http://TheEpicenter.com/products.html
 Scroll to the bottom of their page and select "Power Related Products."
They call it Power Station One! and I believe it's the MVP that was
available at Wal Mart some time back.

Or, better yet...If you have Target Stores in your area, you might check
their camping department for a product called The Greatland Power Source.
It it basically the same as the MVP only the Greatland has a built-in light
on the back and they both cost $29.95. I purchased one at Target in 1995
and a another last year. They're both still goin' strong.

               72 de KU4BX Mike

            Mike Hatala - Holiday, FL. U.S.A. Grid EL88OE
          QRP-L #887 NJ-QRP #55 Az ScQRPions ARS #220
                AK QRP #086 AR QRP #098 NorCal #1995
          Pasco County, FL. R.A.C.E.S. / Skywarn #PAS-002A

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