Pixie II - Surface mount


From: Bob Kellogg (ae4ic@nr.infi.net)
Date: Fri Oct 17 1997 - 15:30:37 EDT


The response to my query about a Surface Mount Pixie II kit has been
surprisingly good. Apparantly there are a lot of would-be surface mounters
out there. I'd better give you some more information.

The beta version of the board has been designed and in the next few weeks
we will build and test 4 or 5 Pixies. We must order some parts, so it will
take a little while. Please have patience. This will be the first offering
from the Knightlites, and we want to do it well. (we have others under

As it stands now, the first version has been built and tested. If you
checked into the Knightlite net last Sunday, you may have heard it.

The board size is 1.7" X .875". (about the size of two quarters, side by
side) This is the Pixie with the W1FB mods. (not the audio filter) It
will be a fairly simple, inexpensive, small parts count SM project.

I'd guess it will be ready near the first of the year.

This version will be for 80 Meters.
We are considering the possibility of offering a companion board which will
accomodate a TIck/K1EL keyer, thus making sidetone and keyer an optional
part of the package. (still small enough to fit in a 9V battery case)

We plan to include comprehensive instructions: (1) for the rig, (2) for a
simple holding device which will assist assembly, (3) general
recommendations for handling SM devices, and, (4) some spare parts for
practice soldering.

Bob Kellogg, AE4IC, Greensboro, NC
Prolably, but not nececelery. -- Benny Hill

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