NOT color blind, just "chromatically challenged"


Date: Fri Oct 17 1997 - 06:52:00 EDT

Gang -

     I'll keep it short. I'm so red-green color blind that
I failed 8 out of the 10 dotted circles in which you're supposed
to be able to see numbers. I see red and green and can identify
them as such, _most of the time_. There are some colors that I
cannot, for the world, tell apart. Certain shades of red/green/brown
and blue/purple look absolutely identical to me. They're colored,
but I can't tell them apart. Unfortunately, wire colors and
resistor bands seem to use these colors, so I'm never without my
trusty DVM.

     There was a really good article a few years back in _Scientific
American_ which explained that the problem is due to the filtering liquid
in the [rods? cones?] in your eye, which is how you see color. There
are supposed to be three different colors of liquid evenly distributed
among the sensing cells in your retina, and in color blind people,
either the numbers aren't equal or the one of the liquids isn't the
right color, leaving "gaps in the spectrum". Pretty interesting,
and if you know someone who's chromaticallly challenged, you can have fun
testing them to see where the gap is in their color vision :-)

Peter, KA1AXY

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