Re: FOX: Ah, the taste of Foxburger...


From: Paul Harden (
Date: Fri Oct 17 1997 - 02:52:44 EDT

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, Joe Gervais wrote:

> KU7Y, K1MG and WE6W get the 599+ Award in my shack.
   Yes, I agree. Ron sported the strongest signal I think I have
   ever heard on the ham bands under any circumstances.
> Anyone know where NA5N was in NV? En route to Pacificon,
> of course, but wasn't sure if he'd stopped by Ron's QTH
> to borrow an antler....
  Yes, NA5N (i.e., *me*), was/is in Nevada, enroute to PacifiCon. I flew
into Reno wednesday afternoon to visit Ron KU7Y, and having a good visit
so far. He worked Tim with one watt using his brand new tower and beam,
which is an impressive installation. So I could not refuse the temptation
to work the fox using those new antlers. But I was honest, I send "NV"
as the QTH, and the FOX replied I had one great signal for being mobile!
Ron and I were so embarassed, we had to grab a steak at the Sizzlers down
the street afterwards :-)

CU at PacifiCon sometime tomorrow afternoon/early evening.

PS - Great job at being the FOX, Tim. Good signal in NV.

72, Paul NA5N/5/7/6/QRP
(That will cover me until monday return to NM)

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