FOX files are there! Catch a wav!


From: Jess Gypin (
Date: Fri Oct 17 1997 - 00:48:05 EDT

Hi all,

Got lucky tonight, not only did I work the fox, but recorded the exhange
too! All of the WAV files are on the new and improved Unofficial Fox
Audio File Web Page. I even reecorded K8DD for history. He just happened
to be logged in to the chat room at the same time that I caught him in a
WAV. I sent the file to him in an Email and he heard himself work the
Fox about 5 minutes after he got him! Too cool!
There is a new look to the page. This has been fun but a lot of late
work to upload the files the smae night of the hunt. Let me know if you
are using them! Feedback Please! Check it out! The files are some of the
best yet and all are about 400-600k so should not take long to download.
We had quite a crowd on the Fox Chat room tonight, it was a blast! Check
it out!
Best 72

Jess N0TFI <><
qrp-l #1232 CQC #92 1997 Fox
Fox Page at

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