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From: WA8GHZ /5 Jack Dougherty (
Date: Sun Oct 05 1997 - 23:41:05 EDT

Read post re attic antennae, ladder feeders and IC-706 at QRP levels; I
have 2 of 3 of those situations so:

Due to deed restrictions, I have two antennae "systems". The INDOOR
system is 3 HF antennae. They are a 30 Meter loop that works just great
and was my mainline antler for about a year; then there's the 10 meter
dipole; and newest is the 10 meter wire beam just put up. The dipole
works OK, but am still tuning the wire beam. The indoor 30 Meter loop
works great on all bands with a tuner and coax feed - acutally 30 meters
is the place of its worst performance despite it's designed length for
that band...even get to work some 160 meters with a 2.5:1 swr.

The Outdoor antenna is illegal, but very stealthy. It's a fan Vee with
both 40 meters and 30 meter elements, and only one PVC upright support
which is mounted on the chimney, and uses VERY thin grey wire for the
Vee elements- can't hardly see it, and nobody has griped in a year. It
also has a 10 meter wire vertical with 2 Vee radials "stuck" on to the
support to maximize the outdoor antenna, but minimize the antennae
supports, which are hard to hide, unlike wire.

And I occasionaly use my original IC-706, "Mark 1". I can get it down
to about 1 Watt as judged by my antenna tuner watt meter, but I commonly
run at 5 watts in the contests, etc. Most times, though the IC-706 is
running QRO Mobile CW and I use my TenTec Triton 4 in the contests, etc.
due to superior set of "ears". Of course my NW8020 also pinches to QRP
levels au naturel and works fine with indoor or outdoor wire...........

Feeds - I just use coax cause it's easy to work with, but not as good as
450 ohm ladder, I'm sure.

Summary - Indoor antlers work just fine - not as good as a TH-7 Yagi on
a 100 ft. tower, but just fine, and the IC-706 pinches down to QRP
levels just fine.

Jack / Houston / WA8GHZ /5  
"I know the guy who built my radio."

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