FOX: Invitation to join "Ole Coots"


From: Jack Meadows (
Date: Sun Oct 05 1997 - 21:15:54 EDT

There are three of us now and room for two more on the team.
If your over forty (or just feel like your over forty) and would
like to join our team, email me.

Jack W7QQQ

   The Team Challenge
> The Team Challenge is the one where any 3-5 Hunters
> can join forces. The Team score is a running total,
> taken from the total number of Team pelts bagged to
> date, and divided by the number of Team members. Good
> way to gang up with your pals across the continent.
> Maybe even hedge your bet and pick a friend outside
> of your normal Fox coverage. ;-)
> There are already two Teams running loose, with more
> about to be announced. So pick a few Hunter friends,
> join forces, and let me know ASAP! Nice thing is that
> if you get skunked, you can still root for your fellow
> Team critters. :)
> Please note that these "events" are *totally* separate
> from the Fox Hunt. They use Fox Hunt data, but should
> not interfere with the Hunt in any way. If they do,
> they're history.
> That's the story folks. The rest is up to you. Now if
> you'll excuse me, I've been training some badgers to
> love the taste of coax. Figure I let a few go in CA,
> TX and NV and suddenly Team AB7*T* will shortly be in
> lead.... ;-)
> Cheers de AB7TT,
> -Joe,, AZ ScQRPions (Phoenix)
> "'Fraid nobody around here, understands my potato;
> Think I'm only a Spudboy, looking for a real tomato." -DEVO

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