Re: Extree egg-sam-I-am &c


From: Dana H. Myers (myers@West.Sun.Com)
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 17:30:20 EDT

Nils wrote:

> I also found all 72 pages of the Extree exam question pool, which was pretty
> neat, 'cause I could look over all 486-odd whatever of 'em. Another learning
> experience. Of course, the question of what effect this on-line tutorial will
> have on the "memorize the book and pass the text" program around is another
> thing.

When I decided to pass the Extra exams, I answered every question in
the Extra pool. I did it section by section, when I missed a question
I would go review the appropriate material in the Extra study guide,
Part 97 or other resources. Most sections I only missed a few, but
the rules/regs section was tough, all sorts of detail of when you
notify the gummint before and after launching a satellite and stuff
like that.

I did this the afternoon before I took the test, and passed without
problem. No, I didn't just memorize the correct answers, I actually
looked at the material, but the rules/regs questions really only
can be memorized in the end...


Dana K6JQ

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