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From: NilsBull@aol.com
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 17:19:09 EDT


I was wandering around the grounds here one day and came across a couple
sites from which or through which I could test my skill at taking the exam
for Extree. So I did. Four times. I passed it once. (I'm affraid to try
Novice, since so much has changed since I was first ticketed in 1968 or

However, I did notice that, when questions that I had flopped before came up,
I remembered the correct answer and scored those questions pretty well. In
other words, I was either memorizing the answers or learning something. (And
you wanna bet that I was . . . . ?)

I also found all 72 pages of the Extree exam question pool, which was pretty
neat, 'cause I could look over all 486-odd whatever of 'em. Another learning
experience. Of course, the question of what effect this on-line tutorial will
have on the "memorize the book and pass the text" program around is another

So, right after I finish the paper on attention deficit disorder and the
cognition of writing, begin to learn Basque, fix all the broken and stuck
windows in the ranch, and a few other things that I can remember right now
('cause I wasn't paying attention when I thought of 'em earlier), I'll have
to keep taking the on-line tests and reading the answer book and get myself
ready for Dayton next year.

The CW is the easy part, way I figure it. It's listen to some stuff and
answer some multiple-guess questions (right?) and I used to cruise fairly
well at 18-20 wpm, so it ain't like I forgot or whatever. All I have to do is
get off this damn machine and spend more time on the air.

But I do have one question. Why are there questions on the test about
strategy for DX contests? It's like some kind of trick narrative problem in
my grade-school math book. I don't even do contests (that much if at all,
presuming that I'm paying attention when I hear about 'em coming up) and sure
as hell don't look at ham radio or DX as some kind of Australian rules rugby
match. It's a hobby dammit. It shouldn't have a strategy.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to memorize those ones too.

 . . . . in Basque it's "Kafetxo bat?" for "Want some coffee?" To which one
of my colleagues said "Hey, you fetch yer own butt." Like "What's a henway?"

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