From: Harvey Hetland (
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 19:46:02 EDT

Thanks Jay, WA5WHN, for the fine signal report from Albuquerque, NM. My
confidence was shaken when the fox could not copy me when I called him
down on 7038 a couple of times before he disappeared from the band. The
fox was a very fine 579 on my OHR-400 at 0218Z and on a good frequency.
I ended up with QSOs with KS4L, Alabama; N2TO, New York; W0CH (two
watts), Missouri and K1MG in "upper California" before I turned on the
computer and read of Chuck's BIG QSY to 30m. 40m was certainly good if
you had the IF filters and adequate front-end dynamic range to deal with
the RTTY signals.

I never found a trace of the fox on 30m, although I copied Doc, K0EVZ
(Minnesota), in a QSO and KF6GUH was working stations with a 4 watt
signal. I heard a Louisiana station, so I suspect the band might have
been in for Texas. HK0ER; 3B8CF, Jacky; and a VK5 also were copied.

This appears to have been my only chance from N6MM at foxhunting until
our Christmas recess and semester break, because I have a 0030 to 0600Z
teaching schedule Tuesday through Friday (UTC days) this semester and
next semester. I will look forward to reading all the reports, however.

73, Harvey, N6MM Foxhunt: ZIP for one in 97/98.

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