Fox Hunt Ratted (RTTY) out @ 0235 UTC (Sept. 27th)


Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 10:55:04 EDT

Geez, with the CQ WW RTTY Contest on and every 1 KHz, down to 7,025 KHz,
there is a RTTY signal, no wonder we can not find K5FO. BTW, 599 signal,
as usual Harvey, N6MM, heard You chatting with Kevin N2TO (549), then You
had called W0CH, on 7.039 MHz.

My Sierra had experienced front end overload, from S-9+++ RTTY signals,
thanks N6KR for placing a RF pot in the design. The SCAF was set @ 383
Hz, did copy a few known QRPers, but no Chuck. Kind of figured he would
head up to 30 meters (He did).

I did not copy one stateside stn on 30 meters (0240 UTC). Heard JA's &
VK's, but no Chuck.

Did one of those desert pigs really get to AB7TT ? Did the same desert
pig attack K5FO ? There are some mean fast desert pigs out here. ;-)
Anyone up for a javelina hunt instead ?

Back to playing with my trifilar, tapped transformer, with 4:1 & 9:1
windings ("Transmission Line Transformers", by Jerry Sevick, W2FMI).

                                     Very lonely on 10 GHz (QRP) out

                                                             72, ...Jay,

PS Chuck, guess who had caused Hurricane Norma ? It was Tim-K5OI, playing
with his "BIG Antenna". If I were HAARP, I would call Tim & complain.

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